Share Images, Documents and So Much More

InQ Digital Asset Manager Features

Your Images: Organized

Organize your images by category so they can be easily found. Share, download and order all from the same system. InQ Asset Manager makes finding the image you want easy! Take a lot of photos recently? It's simple to add new images to the system. It even imports the metadata too! Find out more

Your Documents: Shared Easily

At a trade show or sitting in a meeting and need to send a customer more information asap? Login to the InQ Asset Manager and send it right over! Want to send your distributor the latest brochure? You can e-mail it or order and ship copies to them all from the same interface! Find out more

Your Items: Trackable

Need literature for an upcoming meeting? Have it shipped right to your front door and know when it will arrive! With InQ Asset Manager, you can ship to and from anywhere and track it right from the system. Find out more

Accessibility: Anytime, Anywhere

InQ Asset Manager is a web-based management system that lets you access your electronic documents, images, videos and more from any Internet-connected computer or laptop in real-time. Compile approved images and share them with your agency or overseas counterparts via our Lightbox feature, anytime day or night. Working on a long-distance project has never been easier! Find out more

User Permission Control: Permission Granted!

Have HR documents the whole company needs access to? What about sales team only documents? Each digital asset can be assigned user permission by individual or group, allowing you to control who has access to what. Find out more

Promotional Items

Need new shirts for your next sales meeting or giveaways for an upcoming trade show? Order away with InQ Asset Manager! Worried about your branded apparel flying unnecessarily off the shelves? Rest easy, InQ offers an approval feature to keep your sales team from getting carried away. Find out more